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Auto Glass Safety

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4 Reasons to Replace a Cracked Windshield

At A-1 Auto Glass, nothing is more important than your safety. There are 4 big safety reasons why you should replace your cracked windshield:

  1. To help keep from being ejected during an accident. Your windshield helps keep you in the vehicle during an accident. A passenger ejected from a vehicle during an accident is much more likely to experience an injury or even death. Cracked windshields reduce the structural integrity of your vehicle to dangerous levels. Your windshield is an important barrier to keep you in the car and safe during an accident.
  2. To ensure proper operation of passenger side airbags.
    Most passenger side airbags deploy upward and bounce off the windshield to protect a passenger in a crash. Most airbags deploy at a rate of 150-200 miles per hour. A cracked windshield most often lacks the structural integrity to absorb the force of the airbag. This means passengers could be ejected from the vehicle, which exposes them to greater risks of injury or death. An improperly installed windshield can have this same effect, which is why it's important to contact us for windshield replacements in the Fort Worth/DFW area.
  3. To prevent the roof from crushing you in a roll over.
    The vehicle windshield and back glass are designed to prevent the roof from crushing you during a vehicle roll over. Studies have shown that your windsheild can account for up to 30 percent of the structural integrity of your car. A cracked windshield may not support the roof in the event of a roll over, and may lead to injuries and even death.
  4. To manage your legal liability in an accident.
    Imagine how insurance companies and lawyers would react to an accident if they know you've been driving with a cracked windshield. Your potential legal liability caused by a cracked windshield in an accident is tremendous, which is one more reason why cracked windshields should be replaced.

A-1 Auto Glass is trusted by thousands of Texans and major insurance companies. Call us at 817-576-6627 for windshield replacement services in the DFW area.